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Installation Guide

Our trained roller garage door specialist will go through any points to install the door.

  1. When the door has been delivered to yourselves the door specialist will provide assistance to position the door (if assisted fit was chosen).
  2. If you are installing yourselves (DIY Installation) two people will be needed to install the door safely.
  3. When you are fully ready to install the door, make sure your drill /driver bit with fixings and step ladder are positioned close to you ready to fix the door.
  4. With one person either side of the door, Lift the door up against the two inner face walls of the garage opening.
  5. Check the distance is equal past each reveal.
  6. Drill the top hole of the guide rail runner with a 6mm masonry drill bit and drive the self tapping concrete screws with the bit provided in to the wall. (If you find a loose or not so good fixing just remove screw fixing insert a brown raw plug and re-fix.)
  7. Repeat this on the opposite side top hole.
  8. Using a spirit level, ensure the guide rail runners are level and drill/fix the bottom two holes.
  9. Drill and fix the two angle pieces attached to both ends of the housing end plates.
  10. Remove protective packaging from the shutter box housing.
  11. Pull gently down on the bottom slat of the roller door to release any slack caused in transit.
  12. Position the plug in Remote Control unit board on your required wall and drill/fix. Join the four coloured wires from the motor together with the same coloured wires from the switch in the Patrice box provided. Plug in the remote control unit.
  13. Press the down button on the remote handset and the door will descend to its required position and stop.
  14. Press the up button, the door will rise to its required height position and stop.
  15. Once you have done this you can now drill and fix the two middle fixings.
  16. Tap in the hole caps provided. (8 off)

DIY Roller Garage Door Installation